BESTip product

BESTip ATA GSM 1 Port GSM Broadband LAN VoIP Gateway
BESTip ATA GSM is a LAN VoIP gateway with built-in GSM module and the application is just like FXO port but with wireless GSM. With its characteristics that enables you to make phone calls in lower rate by your mobile phone wherever you go.

Integrating GSM and Ethernet interfaces in a single box, BESTip ATA GSM provides the users reliable and high quality voice communications only at a lower cost while compared to using PSTN.

Just set the DSL Internet access in your BESTip with your phone keypads, dial the recipient’s ID number on the telephone set and you are ready to talk via Internet.  In fact, placing calls with the BESTip is like using your existing phone system. All of the communication cost will be eliminated except a local Internet connection charge.

Outstanding Features:
Compact size, plug-and-play function, no PC or extra software required, simple setup workable worldwide
Support both dialup and broadband connection
Full models support FXS/FXO/GSM
Superior voice quality, free peer-to-peer call, cheap IDD service
Support Static IP, DHCP, PPPoE for all Variety if Internet Connection
Embedded high performance 100 MHZ 16-bit CPU
High quality/performance DSP for voice compression
Powerful NAT penetration function, can work with dynamic virtual IP and multi-level NAT
Only 10K bps bandwidth per channel is required
Integrated device-to-device and device-to-phone service with real-time call detail record
Free on-line upgrade service
Suitable for SOHO and enterprise use
Support call shop / Internet café business model (Calling card function available)
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