BESTip product

Founded in June 1987, our elite R&D team, based on years of experiences in producing sophisticated Internet devices and voice-fax technology, keep on pursuing innovation at the VoIP industry over two decades. In recent years, as foreseeing huge potential grow in future IP market, we have concentrated on designing and developing a pack of integrated network communication solution. This solution aims to built the most reliable communication platform at unstable public Internet environment to meet the needs of daily communication around the world.

What makes us lead other competitors is to offer distributors and end-users a professional platform to enter rapidly into Internet telephony business. Also, in order to satisfy all variety of customers, the platform can be largely modified without a decline in superior voice quality. Projectek Networking Electronics is an experienced Networking Solution Provider, meanwhile a licensed Internet telephony provider. Moreover, we are one of few companies in this business specializing in manufacturing CPE / Trunk devices and a VoIP provider offering complete ITSP platform solution.

Projectek has succeeded in expanding the business to four corners of the world. Our products have delivered reliable service as impressive as before over past years. This stability earns us well reputation among customers. All in all, Project’s success is resulting from leading technology, good understanding of the market of network communication, and our efforts in pursuing best quality in the section of telecommunication service.

Our Vision

Customer-oriented policy is always the highest order for us to follow. Therefore our R&D team tries hard to develop a user-friendly system that turns the virtual network communication into a simple and rapid interface to meet people’s need in real world communication. In addition, we deeply believe in the next revolution of network communication, “easy dialup” and “lower cost” are two factors that make popularity of new type of communication become possible. The Internet, a world without distance, is waiting for us to discover a solution of offering innovated technology to our clients with lowest cost while holding sufficient profit margin to our partners.

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